oracle cloud

If you are going to use Oracle Cloud object storage as repository for DBcloudbin content, please check the general setup instructions and the information related to cloud and on-premises object stores. In addition we provide here preparation instructions specific to Oracle Cloud.

In a nutshell, you need the following:

  • Go to Oracle Cloud portal / Object Storage and provision a new bucket (by default in the core compartment).
  • S3-compatible credentials are required. So go to user profile in your Oracle Cloud portal (upper right-hand corner) /  User settings and select “Customer secret keys”. Create a new key and take note of the Access Key and Secret Key (they are long alphanumeric strings).
  • You will need the S3 compatible endpoint address (protocol is https). The endpoint address is in the form <object-store-namespace>.compat.objectstorage.<region>  where:
    • object-store-namespace is an alphanumeric string that can be found in User profile / Tenant <tenant-name> and then check the information in the section “Object Storage Settings”
    • region is the id of the Oracle Cloud region identifier where the object store is provisioned (the region identifier can be found in the same screen described above, just scrolling down).

With all this info collected you are ready for executing the DBcloudbin setup wizard and provide the collected information in the screen where a “S3 Compatible” object store is requested. The setup will check that it is able to read/write/delete content from the bucket; if any error is found, please write down the error produced and contact support.