DBcloudbin is deployed as an online muti-tenant Cloud native service through our dbcloudbin.com site. We have designed and built a modern cloud based architecture with horizontal scalability, inherent redundancy and modern engineering architectural principles in Cloud-native environments, all that layered onto a top class infrastructure service provided by Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

However, we understand that many Enterprise customers have specific requirements (legal, processes or technical) that makes difficult this approach. Leveraging our modern solution architecture, we are able to provide alternate deployment models that can fit your requirements.

Pluggable architecture

DBcloudbin is designed with a pluggable architecture enabling a deep and easy customization. Specifically, we have designed several connectors for 3rd party Object Store providers, so it is quite simple to switch to a different Object Store implementation (in fact, it is hot-swappable online!). It allows hybrid models where part of the data is sent to our online service and part of the data is kept in a 3rd party object store (potentially on-premises). Our roadmap includes also heterogeneous replication models where the data could be replicated through different type of Object Stores.

Our software is conveniently packed in a setup tool but we manage other convenient deployment alternatives for the relevant pieces of the software (as Docker container, virtual appliance VM) enabling simple and alternative deployment models where the back-end pieces are directly managed by our services&operation team while deployed exclusively for you.

In addition, we can decouple the control path and the data transmission path, effectively decoupling concepts as licensing, authentication & authorization from the actual data transmission to and from object stores. This enables alternative deployment models as the ones described below.

On-premises deployment

We are able to deploy our solution on-site in a on-premises, customer exclusive and dedicated environment, storing the data into one of the object store implementation of top manufacturers (Hitachi, IBM, Dell-EMC, …). You put the infrastructure, we put the service and the data transmission will not trespass your datacenter perimeter.

So, in the case you need for any reason an on-premises installation, please contact us!

Co-located cloud deployment

You may already have a Cloud provider where part or all your IT environment is running. In this case, it may be convenient for your needs, to deploy a dedicated instance of our service running in your Cloud environment, for performance, cost, legal, processes reasons or whatever.

We support as of today Amazon’s AWS service using S3 as object store as well as Google Cloud Platform. Other cloud providers (as Azure) are in roadmap and coming very soon. Please contact us for additional information on this deployment model!