The main driver for DBcloudbin solution is enhancing our customer’s infrastructure efficiency and saving money.

Our solution is orders of magnitude cheaper in a per mega-byte criteria than the tier-1 storage infrastructure that typically our Enterprise databases are using. In addition to that, there are many related costs that are affected as well, starting from backup infrastructure and ending at administration costs.

Are you aware on how many space is the binary data inside your main application’s databases using? The potential savings if you move this data to a more efficient storage?

In order to calculate those savings in your specific scenario we have designed a simple RoI tool that you can download and execute. This collector tool will connect to your database in read-only mode  (you have to provide credentials for accessing your application tables), will read the volume of data that is potentially optimized using DBcloudbin solution (we only calculate volumes, not any specific data stored in your database). With that information, we open a form where you can customize the costs information to your specific scenario (or use the provided defaults). With all this info, we will send you by e-mail a savings report (See this one as sample)

Dowload our RoI tool!