Release 2.03.02 (current)

This is a bug release.

Release 2.03.01

Main functionality added:

  • Added main functionality for AWS Marketplace support.
  • Formalized log activity entries.
  • Added metadata to config parameters, in order to improve security (hidden, read-only, privileged update,…).

Fixed errors:

  • Corrected client-side quota management.
  • Fixed support of local GCP object store in setup tool
  • Correct initialization of config settings supporting online settings update
Release 2.02.01

Main functionality added:

  • Support for DBcloudbin upgrade (both database model and SW only scenarios).
  • Info command that provides information on versions, running agents and managed table names.
  • Archive uninstall files in DB config in order to make servers truly stateless allowing rip&replace scenarios.
Release 2.01.01

Main features included:

  • Support SQL server databases.
  • Full rewrite of archive, restore, clean and purge commands to support correct table locking and several commands running in parallel.
  • Description of profile and connection used in each CLI execution.
Release 1.04.01

Added functionality:

  • Added consistent behaviour in restore. Now it register objects in purge queue by default. Added -purge option to automatically purge the objects as in previous release.
  • Consistent implementation of archive when the previous version of a BLOB was already archived. The previous version is registered in purge queue to avoid being lost.
  • Added option newer table and older in purge command in order to fine-grained flexible filtering.

Solved errors:

  • Problems with purge command. Driver generating an error when purging many rows.
  • Filtering up tables with no PK in table selection screen in DBcloudbin installer. Avoiding an error in the setup execution.