3.02.13 (current)

Bug release.

  • Fixed leaks in file descriptors due to unclosed sockets in massive migration scenarios.
  • Fixed query in archive without clean option
  • Fixed correct build with latest configuration cluster release.
  • Added a limit of heap memory as setting in CLI.
  • Optimized filter so null elements are pre-filtered automatically improving performance in large datasets.
  • Fixed cluster version to avoid problems with split brain when restarting agent nodes.
  • Fixed info command in root session to provide information on adapted schemas.
  • Allow skipping size calculation in setup for candidate tables.

Older 3.02 bug releases:

Fixed error generating uninstaller script for detecting non-restored objects (oracle, schema layered).

Improved memory consumption in large datasets archive jobs.

Corrections in statistics engine.

Layered mode: Generated grants in transparency layer to users with grants in views, procedures, functions and packages.

(For Oracle fixed in 3.02.05, SQL Server in 3.02.06)

Additional cosmetic fixes.

Release 3.02.01

New functionality:

  • Generate and feed an ‘activity’ trail to customer area in website
  • Provide windows AD integrated authentication for SQLServer
  • Add replicated object store functionality
  • Allow easy object store configuration in CLI config
  • Add in info -test to check the install with a ‘probe’ archive
  • Improved security with hash based object validation on read
  • Automatically add a ‘root’ session credentials option on install
  • Use by default the S3 option for using bucket as address in S3 compatible object stores.

Bug fixes:

  • In layered mode the to-be-purged address was incorrectly recorded upon a DB row update.
  • Fixed error stream in CLI commands
  • Corrected minor Web issues.
Release 3.01.01

Full transparency mode (layered) implemented. It provides the ability to create a new ‘layer’ DB/schema that contains DBcloudbin objects and links to the archived BLOB’s. This provides full transparency at data model layer not only application access layer, since the application data model is maintained intact.

Introduced “refresh” command in CLI in order to directly refresh the DBcloudbin created data model upon changes in the customer application data model. 

Release 2.06.01

Ability to modify agent address in setup configuration wizard.

Improved load-balancing configuration with root webservice readiness probe.

Release 2.05.01

Improved security on encryption services.

Ability to request password by terminal in set-credentials command in order to improve privacy.

Release 2.04.01

Main functionality added:

  • Ability to provide full Oracle connection string in setup, in order to provide custom parameters as load balancing DB scenarios
  • Improved quota management mechanism.
  • Generalized marketplace support to GCP and Azure marketplaces.
  • Hitachi HCP plug-in improvements with simple user and password authentication (automatically transforming to accessKey and secretKey)
  • Hide secret keys provided for custom object store configuration at setup UI.
Release 2.03.01

Main functionality added:

  • Added main functionality for AWS Marketplace support.
  • Formalized log activity entries.
  • Added metadata to config parameters, in order to improve security (hidden, read-only, privileged update,…).

Fixed errors:

  • Corrected client-side quota management.
  • Fixed support of local GCP object store in setup tool
  • Correct initialization of config settings supporting online settings update
Release 2.02.01

Main functionality added:

  • Support for DBcloudbin upgrade (both database model and SW only scenarios).
  • Info command that provides information on versions, running agents and managed table names.
  • Archive uninstall files in DB config in order to make servers truly stateless allowing rip&replace scenarios.
Release 2.01.01

Main features included:

  • Support SQL server databases.
  • Full rewrite of archive, restore, clean and purge commands to support correct table locking and several commands running in parallel.
  • Description of profile and connection used in each CLI execution.
Release 1.04.01

Added functionality:

  • Added consistent behaviour in restore. Now it register objects in purge queue by default. Added -purge option to automatically purge the objects as in previous release.
  • Consistent implementation of archive when the previous version of a BLOB was already archived. The previous version is registered in purge queue to avoid being lost.
  • Added option newer table and older in purge command in order to fine-grained flexible filtering.

Solved errors:

  • Problems with purge command. Driver generating an error when purging many rows.
  • Filtering up tables with no PK in table selection screen in DBcloudbin installer. Avoiding an error in the setup execution.