In this post we want to provide the essential vision on the fundamental question: ” Why DBcloudbin?.” You can read it or just take a look on our video where we describe it animated (or both!).

DBcloudbin vision

Any business is generating more and more data every day. Being able to deal with it efficiently and at scale is not only important but crucial. We must do it or our competitor will do it and take us out of business.

IT landscape has robust and scalable database technology that has been created decades ago and is used by our line-of-business applications for storing our precious content: business information. Our apps fuel all the company processes and should be dynamic, efficient and fast. Structured data has been always key, but unstructured data and our capabilities for managing it efficiently will make the difference for the new era enterprises. This is the cornerstone of new IT, adding value to the business by managing, processing and adding incremental value to ‘dark‘ data, that information our company has but is unable to leverage it.

We see databases as the key aggregator and consistent repository that fuel our applications, but not necessarily a one-size-fits-all approach for storing all our content is efficient. Layering data at the right tier while maintaining common access, common security and common reference is a better approach in many cases. We need to store and process every piece of data where it is most efficient and secure, while we maintain a unified view, a consistent catalog.

Traditionally, our applications drive and decide how our data is modelled and stored; even how it is consumed. We believe in unlocking data from applications while maintaining consistency.  Data must be opened to other alternative business applicationfor maximizing value. Cost efficiency and incremental value generation are possibleData processes transformation without long expensive re-engineering is doable. 

That’s why we created DBcloudbin and this is what is driving our roadmap and future innovation. Here you can check the details of how it works today.